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    Wiesława Dróżdż

    Ekspertka ds. komunikacji, mentorka, coach i trenerka

    Wiesława Dróżdż is an experienced consultant specializing in internal and external communication improvement and effective public speaking skills. She has an extensive background, having refined her expertise as the Press Spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance in Poland, where she mastered the art of crafting compelling messages for public and interdepartmental communications.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Effective Self-Presentation and public speaking
    • Conflict management with personality profiling
    • Assertive and interpersonal communication in business
    • Stress management and burnout prevention
    • The power of persuasion: convincing others in 5 minutes

    Wiesława Dróżdż utilizes her unique knowledge and experience to train managerial staff and implement changes in companies seeking to enhance their communication processes and decision-making. Her workshops and soft skills training are praised for their effectiveness and direct impact on improving team operations.