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    Robert Korzeniowski

    Motivational speaker and legendary athlete

    Robert Korzeniowski is a Polish athlete, racewalker, four-time Olympic champion, three-time world champion, and two-time European champion. His sports career has made him one of the most decorated Polish athletes in history. He is a world record holder in racewalking and a legendary figure in athletics.

    Professional and Social Career

    After retiring from sports, Robert Korzeniowski focused on social and training activities for business. He supports HR departments of large corporations and collaborates with Brian Tracy International. He is the founder and president of the Polish Sports Foundation, which organizes social campaigns such as “Sport is Joy – Pass it On!” and projects integrating children with asthma with their healthy peers.

    As a board member of the Polish Athletics Association (PZLA), he is responsible for international activities, striving to increase Poland’s presence in the EAA and IAAF structures.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Defining Success and Learning from Failures: How failures can lead to development and goal achievement.
    • Thinking Outside the Box: Innovative approaches to problem-solving.
    • Overcoming Obstacles: Inspiring stories of famous figures who succeeded despite adversity.
    • Focusing on Controllable Aspects: How to surround yourself with people capable of action and growth.
    • Body Language and Emotions: The impact of body language on our emotions and performance.
    • Motivational Stories from a Sports Career: How to translate sports experiences into professional success.

    Mentoring and Inspiration for Business

    Robert Korzeniowski offers mentoring programs and inspirational lectures for companies, combining his sports experience with business. His successes, determination, and work ethic are an excellent inspiration for teams, helping them achieve goals and cope with challenges.

    Goal Achievement Training – Every Step Counts

    Robert Korzeniowski conducts a three-day workshop “Every Step Counts,” which helps participants set and achieve goals. The program is available online and is aimed at employers and individuals who want to effectively realize their dreams.

    Robert Korzeniowski is a motivational speaker with exceptional experience and achievements in athletics. His lectures inspire action, development, and achieving success on one’s own terms. His presentations are an excellent source of motivation and practical advice for companies and teams.