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    Robert Jarek

    Konferansjer, trener wystąpień publicznych

    Robert Jarek is an energetic and experienced announcer and presenter, known for his passion for speaking and excellent diction, despite early difficulties with pronouncing “r”. Master’s degree in physics and psychology. Currently a student of psychotherapy. Associated with the meetings industry and television for over 25 years, Robert has gained recognition as a professional and master of self-presentation, hosting over 1,500 various events, from intimate meetings to auditoriums of thousands of people, and even an audience of 2 million in front of TV sets.

    As the son of deaf parents, he learned from an early age how crucial effective communication was. His sign language skills and excellent diction became his trademarks. Robert Jarek was recognized in the industry monthly PRESS in a short ranking of the best presenters in Poland. He has been a long-time juror and respected host of the finals of the MP Power Awards and MP Impact competitions. She permanently cooperates with the Miss Poland competition as the official media trainer of the finalists and the selected Miss Poland.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Effective communication in personal and professional life
    • Effective public speaking and self-presentation.
    • Managing mood at large events
    • The role of improvisation in professional performance
    • Leadership and motivation in action
    • The role of physical activity and hobbies in building a professional image.

    Robert Jarek is an excellent choice as a speaker, offering a unique combination of personal commitment and professional experience. His ability to deliver inspiring messages, exceptional diction, and capacity to communicate complex topics in an accessible manner make him a renowned expert in public speaking. His deep understanding of communication barriers and commitment to accessibility make his presentations exceptionally valuable, especially in the context of promoting inclusion.