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    Ralph Talmont

    Creativity, strategy and communication consultant, speaker

    Ralph Talmont is a communications consultant, startup founder, author, and speaker with a 35-year career spanning the communications, publishing, design, and technology sectors. His extensive experience allows him to bridge the gaps between media, technology, design, and business innovation. Ralph has a profound understanding of creative processes and market dynamics, enabling him to connect concepts and people across geographical and disciplinary divides.

    Ralph has facilitated understanding and complex relationships among people, products, and the pervasive technology around us. He is a sought-after speaker and advisor for startups and corporations alike, frequently engaging in events and discussions on technology, creativity, and communication. Ralph co-founded and curated TEDxWarsaw, Poland’s first and largest TEDx event, for ten years, fostering a platform for innovative ideas and dialogue.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Creative thinking for teams: Enhancing the natural creativity of individuals to approach tasks with greater flexibility and innovative solutions.
    • Visual thinking strategies: Helping teams visualize and connect ideas to tackle organizational and product challenges.
    • Extreme creativity: Strategies to dramatically boost creative thinking within a company.
    • Effective communication: Empowering clients to communicate information and knowledge empathetically and authentically.

    Ralph Talmont offers more than just speeches; he delivers experiences that inspire change. His unique background in curating TEDxWarsaw and his multidisciplinary approach allow him to provide profound insights into creativity, communication, and technology. Ralph’s sessions are particularly valuable for those looking to foster a creative environment and enhance their strategic communications. His workshops are custom-designed in consultation with clients, ranging from one to three days, tailored to meet specific organizational needs.