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    Przemysław Jóźwiakowski

    Technology and business expert

    Przemysław Jóźwiakowski is the co-founder of FIGHTCLUB DEVELOPERS, a multi-industry group of companies built on the pillar of technology. He specializes in leveraging technology wisely in non-digital businesses. Przemysław works as a technology and process-oriented business consultant with founders and C-level executives.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Lean management based on automation: Implementing Lean with an “Automation First” mindset to enhance operational efficiency.
    • Managing people with the “Keep Them Happy” method: Strategies for managing teams that boost employee satisfaction and productivity.
    • Technology in non-digital businesses: How to wisely utilize technology in traditional industries to increase their competitiveness.
    • Building business solutions through technology: Why programming skills are a huge advantage in business and how to utilize them.
    • Managing global IT projects: Experiences and best practices from handling IT projects on every continent.
    • Remote work: Effectively managing teams and projects while working exclusively remotely.

    Przemysław Jóźwiakowski is a dynamic technology leader with extensive experience in managing global IT projects. His unique approach to leveraging technology in traditional businesses and his ability to build teams based on Lean and Automation principles make him an exceptional expert. Przemysław combines his technical know-how with practical business experience, making his talks both inspiring and filled with valuable insights.