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    Piotr Rudzki

    Speaker, trainer, IT specialist, TEDx mentor, lecturer

    Piotr Rudzki, a fervent advocate of the principle “engage in what you love, love what you engage in,” brings over 20 years of expertise in IT infrastructure management within major financial institutions like the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Societe Generale. His extensive experience encompasses public speaking, where he has adeptly transferred the values and skills learned to the business domain, earning high accolades for service quality throughout his career.

    A graduate from the Faculty of FTIMS at the Lodz University of Technology in Computer Science, Piotr has also been a vibrant member of Toastmasters International since 2015, honing his communication and leadership skills. He has earned the prestigious title of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and actively leads, with his participation underscoring his commitment to personal and professional growth.

    In his current roles, Piotr thrives as a lecturer, business trainer, public speaking coach, and speaker. He specializes in leading transformational projects and strategic workshops for corporate boards and offers individual mentoring through his work with Albrecht & Partners.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Public speaking as a tool for sustainable change
    • Values-based leadership
    • Motivation and collaboration
    • Effective realization of dreams
    • Inspiration through innovation

    Piotr Rudzki uniquely combines his rich IT background with masterful public speaking and leadership skills, making his sessions both insightful and transformative. His approach not only enlightens but also equips his audience with practical strategies for personal and professional development, thereby fostering a productive learning environment.