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    Paweł Niziński

    Expert and strategic advisor in the area of ​​ESG and sustainable development

    Paweł Niziński has over 30 years of experience in marketing, communication, and strategic approaches to sustainable development. He has been involved for many years in various initiatives leveraging business capital for the common good.

    He is the founder and current CEO of BETTER (initially Goodbrand and Company Poland, part of Goodbrand Global operating out of the UK), which began operations in 2007. Since 2015, BETTER has been an independent consulting firm, driven by impact and utilizing all resources to promote the idea of sustainable development.

    Under Paweł’s leadership, BETTER has pioneered the introduction of innovative impact measurement tools, the highest standards of stakeholder mapping and social dialogue, and the promotion of regenerative approaches to the economy. Paweł is the National Partner for B Lab EU (B Corp movement) in Poland, actively building this community and helping companies on their path to interdependence and B Corp certification.

    From 1992 to 2007, Paweł was at the forefront of the advertising industry in Poland and the CEE region. He held managerial positions in the advertising and marketing industry at agencies such as Young & Rubicam Brands (1999-2007) and co-founded Upstairs (1997–1999). He co-designed around 200 campaigns for new brands entering the PL/CEE market.

    Paweł believes that sharing knowledge is a key element of systemic transformation. He initiated many projects in this area, including the magazine “CR Navigator” (since 2008) – a quarterly on sustainable development ideas, “Congress of Diversity” (since 2013) – an inspiration forum for building a culture of Diversity and Inclusion in organizations, The Warsaw B Corp Summit (since 2020), and recently co-founded the Diversity Equity Inclusion Alliance – a foundation aimed at measuring and implementing inclusivity in all areas of society. He is a lecturer at various business schools (including MBA PW, ALK) and participates in public debates, seminars, and conferences.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Business/Systemic Transformation
    • Regenerative Value Creation in the Company
    • Paradigm Shift
    • Belonging, Diversity, DEI
    • Building Stakeholder Engagement
    • How to Avoid Burnout
    • Sustainable Development
    • Corporate Activism
    • Brand Activism
    • All About ESG, Stakeholder Mapping, Reporting
    • B Corp
    • Social Equity of Brands

    Paweł Niziński is an expert who, with his extensive experience and pioneering approach to sustainable development, can bring exceptional value to any organization. His ability to combine theory with practice and his talent for inspiring others make him an ideal choice for companies looking to implement innovative and sustainable solutions. His broad knowledge and commitment to social and environmental projects make him not only a speaker but also a leader of change who can help companies achieve their goals in social responsibility and sustainable development.