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    Mateusz Orczykowski

    Krav Maga trainer, inspirational speaker

    Mateusz Orczykowski is an experienced Krav Maga trainer with 12 years of teaching experience. He trains special forces, military, police, as well as civilians and personal protection professionals in countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, the USA, Thailand, Kosovo, Ukraine, and Poland.

    Based on the best practices of special forces, he developed an original training program for women: SAFE WOMEN. His approach focuses on the natural and inherent abilities of women, regardless of age or nationality – their instinct, senses, awareness, and ability to read body language and environment.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Increasing awareness and understanding the environment: Learning to effectively use intuition as a key tool to find a safe way out of potential danger.
    • Managing fear and control in stressful situations: These skills translate into confidence, resourcefulness, and effective decision-making.
    • Intuition and mindfulness: How to combine intuition with trained mindfulness to enhance personal safety.
    • Crisis negotiations and body language: Principles of crisis negotiations, enhancing perceptiveness, and developing skills to read body language.

    Mateusz Orczykowski is a respected expert in personal safety whose training methods are based on real, proven practices of special forces. His training programs not only teach self-defense techniques but also increase awareness, confidence, and stress management skills among participants. Mateusz passionately and effectively shares knowledge that has a real impact on the lives and safety of women.