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    Marcin Babiak

    Expert and mentor in management and digital transformation

    Marcin Babiak is a distinguished leadership, management, and both cultural and digital transformation expert, a practitioner-trainer, talent mentor, and advisor to companies.

    Having led Polish branches of global giants such as Apple, Dell, and Groupon, Marcin now leverages his extensive managerial and sales experience to create and implement advisory and training programs for businesses. As a talent mentor and practitioner, he specializes in working with young leaders and open-minded corporate executives, aiding companies during periods of dynamic growth to adapt to new challenges. His expertise in social media and a theoretical grasp of the subject, evidenced by hundreds of publications read by nearly 5 million viewers annually, make him a respected speaker at conferences and a recognized author in academic circles.

    Marcin Babiak is also actively involved in social causes as the Founder and Board Member of the Human Possible Foundation, supporting various social groups in activation and combating exclusion.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Embracing digital transformation: How companies can utilize digital technologies to revolutionize their operations.
    • The power of social media in modern business: How social media platforms can extend brand visibility.
    • Innovating sales channels for global reach: The Importance of diversifying sales channels to access new markets and customer segments.
    • Mindset of change and growth: How a culture of embracing change can rransform an organization.
    • Case studies in big-picture thinking: Inspiring examples of companies that think and act globally.

    Marcin Babiak stands out with a unique combination of corporate experience and a deep passion for education and mentoring. His ability to convey knowledge accessibly, coupled with real-world executive management experiences, makes him an exceptional speaker who inspires transformation and innovation on both micro and macro scales.