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    Małgorzata Pielichowska

    Dietetyczka, psychodietetyczka, TEDx speakerka, podcasterka

    Gosia Pielichowska is a clinical dietitian and psychodietitian who helps individuals build healthy relationships with food and teaches intuitive eating to free people from the vicious cycle of dieting and restrictive eating habits, all without pressure, on their own terms, and in harmony with themselves.

    She hosts the insightful podcast “Gosia Pielichowska on Healthy Lifestyle with Ease,” where she explains scientific content from the fields of dietetics, psychodietetics, neurobiology, and brain health in a straightforward manner, stripping away the jargon. The podcast is her passion, and her mission is to make reliable scientific knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of their professional background in dietetics or medicine.

    Gosia is the author of “Diet in Migraine: Natural Ways to Live Without Headaches” (published by Czarna Owca in cooperation with the Brain Diseases Foundation) and a six-week group program “Effective Weight Loss Step by Step,” where she helps change attitudes towards dieting and promotes more intuitive eating.

    She also delivers lectures on healthy lifestyles in corporations and regularly appears on radio and television (including DD TVN).

    Before expanding her horizons in dietetics, Gosia was an athlete for nearly ten years, training in modern pentathlon and then in sports shooting. Today, physical activity is her way of relaxation and mental clarity.

    In her free time, she enjoys walking on the beaches of the Tri-City with her pug, delving into scientific literature, or savoring new dishes, celebrating eating without guilt.

    Gosia studied at the Warsaw Medical University, SGGW in Warsaw, SWPS University in Warsaw, and Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands. She gained her dietetic experience working independently with patients and during internships in academic hospitals, including Imperial College London (St. Mary’s Hospital).

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Thoughts are not facts: How to manage them effectively
    • Using mindfulness and eating to handle stress constructively
    • How to use mindfulness to avoid snacking
    • Diet’s impact on mood and concentration
    • Healthy habits, specifically the aspect of mental contrasting

    Gosia Pielichowska is an inspiring speaker who not only shares her knowledge and experience but also inspires deeper reflection and contemplation on how we communicate with the world, both in business and in private life.