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    Maja Gojtowska

    Ekspertka w dziedzinie komunikacji i employer brandingu

    Maja Gojtowska, an advocate for treating employees at least as well as customers, has been advising and supporting companies in image building and communication for over 15 years. As a certified Design Thinking moderator, she specializes in internal communication and employer branding actions within HR. She has co-created and implemented several campaigns in external, internal, and employer branding communication. Maja conducts strategic training and workshops for companies, sharing her knowledge and experience in a practical way.

    She is the author of the popular blog and has published two books: “Candidate experience. Still a candidate or already a client?”  and “Employee onboarding. To ensure the beginning is not the end” in October 2023.

    In February 2022, she was recognized by Forbes Women editorial team as a LinkedIn Champion.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Managing Candidate Experience: How to Transform Recruitment in Your Company? – Approaching candidate experience as an element of employer branding strategy.
    • Effective Employee Onboarding: Ensuring the Beginning is Not the End – Best practices and strategies for introducing new employees.
    • Employer Branding in Practice: Building the Employer Brand from Scratch – Creating cohesive and effective employer branding strategies.
    • Design Thinking in HR: Innovative Approaches to Talent Management – Utilizing Design Thinking methodology to solve HR problems.
    • Internal Communication as the Key to Employee Engagement – Strategies and tools for effective internal communication within organizations.

    Maja Gojtowska, with her specializations and extensive experience, is an inspiring speaker who captivates a broad audience by sharing practical tips and innovative solutions in the fields of HR and employer branding.