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    Łukasz Wilczyński

    Space sector expert, communications and PR manager

    Łukasz Wilczyński is an international expert in the space sector with a background from prestigious institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) focusing on the New Space Economy. With over 20 years of experience in reputation management and corporate communication, Łukasz was recognized as one of the top 25 PR innovators in the EMEA region by PRovoke Media in 2022.

    Career and innovations:
    He founded and was the president of the board at Planet Partners, and he leads the CEE region in one of the largest communication networks, GlobalCom PR Network. Currently, he is also the founder and president of the Space Communications Alliance, the world’s first global communication and PR network for the space sector, reflecting his passion for space. Since 2014, he has been the president of the European Space Foundation and the initiator of the European Rover Challenge, supporting young engineers and scientists in building careers in the space market. A co-founder of an Israeli cybersecurity startup focused on critical infrastructure, Łukasz is also a frequent speaker at TEDx and the International Astronautical Congress and offers courses on trends and benefits in the space sector.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • The Space sector in everyday life: Explore how space technology influences our daily activities and the broader implications for society.
    • Benefits of the space sector for business: Discover the strategic advantages that space technology can offer to businesses across various industries.
    • Implementing space technologies and satellite data in businesses: Learn practical steps and strategies for integrating advanced space technologies into business operations.
    • Failure as a source of success: An insightful look at how setbacks can drive innovation, particularly in the space industry.
    • Starting a business in the space sector: A guide for entrepreneurs looking to enter the space industry, covering essential strategies and considerations.

    Łukasz Wilczyński is a prominent leader in the international space sector, known for his deep expertise and innovative approach. As the founder of the Space Communications Alliance, he brings cutting-edge insights into the integration of space technologies in business. His involvement in the European Space Foundation and initiatives like the European Rover Challenge underscores his commitment to developing the industry and nurturing new talent.

    Łukasz’s keynotes offer practical insights into how businesses can benefit from space technologies, making complex topics accessible and engaging for diverse audiences. His ability to inspire and motivate makes him an ideal speaker for those looking to explore the future of business and technology in the context of the global space sector.