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    Katarzyna Oracz

    Consultant, well-being expert, happiness manager

    Katarzyna Oracz is a recognized expert in creating positive organizational cultures and effective teams. With over twenty years of experience managing sales teams in both traditional and remote structures, she has solid skills in creating engaging work environments and developing long-lasting business relationships. She has worked for companies such as PKO BP, Kredyt Bank, Santander Group, and Dun&Bradstreet, gaining experience in B2B/B2C sales, negotiations, and training.

    Katarzyna passionately applies the principles of Positive Psychology, helping others find happiness in work and daily professional challenges. As a certified Happiness Director and Resilience Trainer, she conducts workshops that inspire the creation of happy workplaces and the development of personal psychological resilience.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Confidence in public speaking: How to build confidence and communicate effectively at work.
    • Funfulness – creative mindfulness: Techniques for enhancing creativity and mindfulness in teams.
    • Innovative improvisation solutions: Using improvisation to solve organizational problems.
    • Flexibility in unusual situations: How to cope with change and unexpected challenges.
    • Cooperation in a cohesive Team: building effective and integrated teams.
    • From creative joy to mental wellbeing: How positive emotions affect work efficiency.

    Katarzyna Oracz uses her extensive professional and academic experience to inspire and motivate both leaders and teams to create more engaging and happy workplaces. Her unique approach to management and training abilities are invaluable in developing human potential in any organization.