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    Kamil Porembiński

    Ekspert ds. cyberbezpieczeństwa, Konsultant IT, Wykładowca

    Kamil Porembiński is an expert in the broad field of Marketing Technology. For over 15 years, he has been aiding companies, startups, and freelancers in digitization, enhancing the deliverability of email campaigns, improving the accessibility and security of websites.

    He creates customized, tailor-made cloud solutions that streamline and enhance the products and projects developed by his clients. His support includes designing and managing high-availability systems, project and process management, and adapting products to meet the needs of modern and informed customers.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • AI in Cybersecurity Service
    • Security in Social Media
    • Is your business Ready for a data center fire?
    • How to properly respond to problems and incidents
    • How to manage passwords effectively and securely
    • Typical errors made by cybercriminals
    • Spy on your competitors online

    Kamil Porembiński translates the complexities of IT into simple and enjoyable language, being accessible to everyone who needs support in the field of IT. His approach to marketing technology and customer service combines high efficiency with a humane approach to the industry. He also conducts training, audits, and consultations, providing valuable tips on social media, SEO, SEM, e-commerce, Agile management, and information technology.