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    Jakub Sito

    Business journalist, public speaking trainer

    Jakub Sito is a journalist, presenter, lecturer, public speaking coach, and entrepreneur with a solid foundation in media, having honed his skills with major networks like Grupa TVN, TVP, and Polskie Radio. With over 20 years of experience, he has hosted more than 400 corporate events and 1,500 live broadcasts, making him a seasoned veteran in engaging audiences.

    Balancing journalism with business consulting, Jakub supports leaders and companies in their development through strategic processes, training, and media coaching. He advises company boards, supports teams, and facilitates change, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and motivated.

    A passionate advocate for new technologies, interpersonal relations, sustainable development, and innovative business models, Jakub shares his knowledge and interdisciplinary experience through his original broadcast, #BiznesPrzezSito, on Chillizet radio. He promotes business stories, supports startups, and showcases innovative ideas, analyzing success stories and failures to draw valuable lessons for public presentations tailored to the specific needs of businesses and institutions.

    As a member of the programming board for the Open Eyes Economy Summit, he champions the value economy concept, firmly believing that it can make the world a better place. Jakub is an idealist with a practical approach, making him a relatable and inspiring speaker.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Digital transformation andsStrategy.
    • AI transformation and data science.
    • Building tech-driven organizations.
    • Leading high-performance teams and tech talent management.
    • Tech trends and innovations.

    Jakub Sito uniquely combines extensive media experience with a deep understanding of business consulting, making his presentations exceptionally engaging and insightful. His ability to dissect complex ideas and adapt messages for diverse audiences ensures that every participant leaves with a greater understanding of the business and tech landscapes. His passion for promoting values and sustainable development enriches his sessions, providing not just knowledge but also inspiration for positive action.