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    Ewa Wilmanowicz

    Motivational speaker, business lecturer, and workshop leader

    Ewa Wilmanowicz, an acclaimed academic lecturer for postgraduate, MBA, and DBA studies, has carved a niche in motivational speaking and business workshops. With over a decade of experience, she has been recognized for delivering the best business speech at the 2015 Inspiration Festival and for the best business session in 2020.

    Ewa has shared the stage with renowned speakers like Brian Tracy and Kevin Hogan at major motivational conferences. Her expertise spans business conferences, industry events, and inspirational gatherings. She is the author of notable business books “Personal Reputation: How to Build a Brand in Good Style” and “Influential Manager: Strategies for Building Leadership and Reputation.”

    As a leader in Joanna Przetakiewicz’s foundation, New Women’s Era, Ewa brings a deep understanding of the transformative power of effective communication and personal branding in business.

    Suggested topics for presentations:

    • Personal reputation in organizations: Fundamentals of building a positive reputation.
    • The art of building influence: Essential skills for influencing oneself and others.
    • Military tactics in life and business: Applying military strategies for effectiveness.
    • Inner strength: Finding internal strength in challenging situations.
    • Personal branding for experts: Keys to building professional success.

    Ewa excels at translating complex ideas into relatable, real-life examples. With extensive experience in tailoring speeches for diverse industries, she ensures high content relevance and engagement. As a speaker, she motivates and inspires change, leading to personal and professional transformation.