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    Dr Joanna Jurga

    Ekspertka w dziedzinie neuroarchitektury i projektowania przestrzennego

    Dr. Joanna Jurga is a distinguished neuroarchitect, researcher, and lecturer with nearly two decades of design experience and seven years in research. As the founder of the A/Typical Institute of Space, Dr. Jurga specializes in creating living and working spaces that support human physiological needs. Her designs have been implemented for global brands such as Ikea and Chantelle. She collaborates with leading scientific and artistic institutions and teaches at SWPS University.

    Dr. Jurga explores the impact of artificial intelligence on daily life and the need for new competencies in a rapidly changing world. She advocates for neuroarchitecture and synesthetic design, integrating knowledge of biology with architectural solutions.

    Suggested topics for presentations:

    • AI too is human – discussing future competencies and the essential fields of knowledge for the next 5, 10, 15 years.
    • Future of the office – strategies to encourage office work among employees.
    • There are no healthy people, only unexamined ones – discussing the needs of our bodies and brains in various environments.
    • Team building in space – why teamwork makes sense.
    • Insomnia in corporate life – the role of sleep in life and its impact on work efficiency.
    • Build your sanctuary from the noise – about the sense of security at home and work.

    Dr. Joanna Jurga’s unique combination of technical and humanistic knowledge allows her to demonstrate how modern solutions can support mental and physical health in daily life. Her approach to designing spaces as supportive environments, both at home and work, brings a new quality to discussions about ergonomics and wellbeing.