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    Dominika Nawrocka

    Ekspertka finansowa, inspiratorka kobiet

    Dominika Nawrocka is recognized as an expert in personal finance, an inspirer, and the founder of the innovative “Woman and Money” community. As the author of best-selling educational books, she dedicates her work to promoting financial independence for women in Poland. A graduate of economic doctoral studies at SGH and a guest expert on the Dzień Dobry TVN, Nawrocka uses her investment and entrepreneurial experience to inspire women to manage their finances consciously.

    Suggested topics for presentations:

    • Financial education: Dominika offers a range of training, workshops, and online courses enabling participants to acquire skills in effective household budget management, saving, and investing.
    • Financial well-being: Through the Happy Money initiative, she supports companies in creating financial well-being programs for employees, which translates into increased satisfaction and productivity.
    • Motivation and development: Her public speaking and training sessions provide a solid dose of financial knowledge and motivate personal and professional development, emphasizing the importance of financial independence.

    Choosing Dominika Nawrocka as a speaker invests in an exceptional educational experience that will effectively impact the participants’ lives. Her unique combination of expert knowledge, practical approach to finance management, and inspiring energy ensures that each presentation is an unforgettable experience. Nawrocka not only shares her knowledge but also inspires a deeper consideration of one’s finances, motivating positive changes in financial and personal life.