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    Anna Pięta

    Expert in the area of ​​sustainable development, ESG, social activist

    Anna Pięta is a social and ecological activist, an expert on sustainability in, among others, fashion and the author of the MUDA Talks podcast (about sustainability, ecology and circular economy).

    • She was responsible for the first circular boutique of the Ubranie do Oddania brand in Poland and a pioneering clothing renovation project as part of the 4F change X Ubranie do Oddania program. She was also responsible for the sustainability strategy and supply chain of the NAGO brand.

    • Previously, she was the co-owner of the HUSH Warsaw brand for 5 years, managed all trade fair communication and managed the program for exporting Polish brands abroad as part of HUSH Warsaw International.

    • Anna Pięta is this year’s graduate of the 30th School for Political Leaders and the “Girls for Politics” program.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Women and the environment – what is the relationship between climate change and women’s rights?
    • How to live simpler and more economically, i.e. less waste in a nutshell.
    • What about this fashion?
    • How to heal your wardrobe?

    Anna Pięta is a unique personality who combines passion with professionalism in the field of sustainability and ecology. Her extensive experience in managing circular projects, creating sustainable development strategies and promoting the less waste idea makes her an excellent choice as a motivational speaker and sustainability expert. Anna is able to inspire and motivate to action, sharing her knowledge and experience in an accessible and engaging way. Her training and workshops provide not only theoretical knowledge, but above all practical solutions that can be implemented in everyday life and business.