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    Anika Osmólska

    specialist in recruitment, employer branding and organizational culture

    Anika Osmólska serves as the Head of People and Culture at TRAFFIT, where with passion and a sense of mission, she creates a developmental workplace, harmoniously combining the personal development of employees with achieving business goals. She strongly believes and educates other organizations that an employee is primarily a human being and the greatest value of the company. Her professionalism is manifested in caring for HR processes, recruitment, and organizational culture, which brings her immense satisfaction. Privately, she is an enthusiast of baking sweets and traveling, which adds energy to her actions.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Excellent Candidate Experience: How to Change Recruitment in Your Company?
    • Recruitment Marketing: Secrets of Effective Talent Acquisition
    • Optimization of Recruitment Processes: Efficiency Meets the Candidate
    • Collaboration with Hiring Managers: Key to Recruitment Success
    • Recruitment Analytics: How Data Can Improve Talent Acquisition?
    • Employer Branding: Building the Employer Brand in Practice
    • Effective Onboarding: The First Step to Employee Engagement
    • HR as a Strategic Business Partner
    • Organizational Culture and Engagement: How to Build Strong Teams?
    • Personal Branding in HR: How to Build an Expert Image?

    Anika Osmólska, with her specializations and rich experience, is not only an expert in her field but also an inspiring speaker capable of attracting the attention and interest of a wide audience.