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    Aleś Alachnovič

    Expert on economic reforms in Central and Eastern Europe

    Aleś is a recognized advisor on economic reforms and the head of the Economic Team for Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, leader of the democratic movement in Belarus. He also serves as the Vice President of the Association of Belarusian Entrepreneurs Abroad (ABBA) and leads the Belarus team at CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research, a leading think tank in Central and Eastern Europe.

    His extensive experience includes working at the World Bank as an economic consultant for transitioning countries, strategic and business consulting at EY & McKinsey, roles at the National Bank of Poland, and as an assistant at the Warsaw School of Economics.

    Aleś specializes in the economic transformation of Central and Eastern European countries, including Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, and Slovakia. He utilizes his skills to advise on economic reforms, cooperate with foreign governments (including the European Commission, US State Department, US Department of Commerce) and international financial institutions (IMF, World Bank, EBRD, EIB) to secure financial support for society and business during transformation periods.

    Suggested topics for presentations:

    • Economic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe.
    • Key aspects of cooperation with international institutions during economic transformation.
    • Popularizing market economy knowledge among the Belarusian society.

    With his international education and extensive practical experience, Aleś offers a unique perspective on economic and political processes in the Central and Eastern European region. His expertise and skills are crucial in understanding and effectively supporting the reforms necessary for democratization and economic development.