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    Alena Wajs-Hielema

    personal leadership, women empowerment, career coaching, motivation, assertive communication, success mindset

    Alena Wajs-Hielema is a licensed career coach and certified personal leadership coach with extensive experience. She specializes in personal leadership, women empowerment, building self-confidence, motivation, assertive communication, and creating a success mindset. She is the founder of the coaching and training company Empowered For Future in the Netherlands and a member of the International Coach Federation.

    With nearly 20 years of experience in various industries in Poland and the Netherlands, Alena is an expert in coaching, soft skills training, recruitment, and leadership. Having worked below her qualifications for too long, she knows the feeling of being unfulfilled in work and life. This drives her passion for helping women achieve their full potential.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • From playing small to impacting leaders 

    Description: Learn how to transform your mindset to become a great leader. Discover the steps necessary for effective leadership and the mental shifts required to lead with confidence and clarity.

    • Promotion of healthy career development: a holistic approach

    Description: Explore tools, methodologies, and case studies that promote a balanced and healthy career development. Understand how to achieve career satisfaction and success through a holistic approach.

    • How personal change can make you a true leader

    Description: Understand the importance of personal transformation in leadership. Learn how personal growth and adapting to change can help you become the leader everyone aspires to be.

    Why this expert?

    Alena Wajs-Hielema combines her extensive professional experience with a passion for supporting women. With a broad educational background, numerous certifications, and practical skills, she effectively assists her clients. As a speaker, she has appeared at numerous conferences, sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to take action. Her holistic approach to career and leadership development makes her a valued mentor and coach. She has been awarded the title of Leader in Leadership Coaching in Poland and was a finalist for the Freelancer of the Year 2019 award in the Netherlands.