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    Aleksandra Lewandowska

    Inspiring speaker and public speaking trainer

    Aleksandra Lewandowska is a public speaking coach and speaker with a contemplative view of the world. She has built her career on the foundation of education, psychology, and art. Known for an approach that combines deep values with a light form and practical skills, she transforms every speech into an inspiring experience.


    • Champion of humorous, inspirational speeches, and speech evaluations at Toastmasters International at the European level.
    • An actress lending her voice to voiceover projects, from fairy tales to commercials, in both Polish and English.
    • A TEDx speakers’ mentor and host of the TEDx Warsaw Women event.
    • A songwriter and translator of English literature.

    Sample Speech Topics:

    • On Paper or Sincerely? Values in Business
    • Contemplative Leadership
    • Effective Communication in Teams
    • Verbal Stylizations, or How to Dress Your Thoughts in Words
    • Presentations That Are Unforgettable
    • Public Speaking Training (designing a speech from Ę – Ą to XD, i.e., how to create a hashtagable speech with a human voice and a touch of humor)

    Aleksandra Lewandowska is an expert who not only shares her knowledge and experience but also inspires deeper reflection and contemplation on the way we communicate with the world, in both business and private life.