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    Agnieszka Ert-Eberd

    HR expert, business, development and leadership trainer

    Agnieszka Ert-Eberdt has over 20 years of experience in international organizations, banking, retail, and consulting. She has managed large teams, developed and implemented business and HR strategies, as well as modern HRIS systems and tools. She has also managed business, organizational, and cultural change and transformation, giving her a deep understanding of the challenges faced by leaders.

    Currently, she operates as a business practitioner, experienced HR leader, business trainer, accredited mentor and coach (EMCC), and certified consultant for human potential diagnostic tools (Facet5, DISC D3). She specializes in team management, operational activities, and leadership and strategic competencies.

    As an accredited Mentor and Coach of EMCC Global, she supports the development of leaders from various fields. She holds an EIA EMCC Global accreditation at the Practitioner level (number EIA20218955).

    A classically trained pianist (graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw) and MBA graduate from the Warsaw University of Technology Business School. Fluent in English and French. Mother of a teenage son, passionate about equestrianism and the role of horses in leadership development.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Effective Communication
    • How to Conduct Difficult Conversations with Employees
    • Leader’s Resilience in the VUCA World
    • Delegation and Assertiveness
    • Building an Engaging Work Environment
    • The Role of Leaders in the Change Process

    Agnieszka Ert-Eberdt combines years of experience in international organizations with deep theoretical knowledge, making her exceptionally effective in delivering practical and innovative solutions. Her training sessions are designed with clients’ individual needs in mind, ensuring maximum effectiveness. She is valued for her empathy, authenticity, and listening skills, making her an ideal partner in the leadership development process.