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    Agata Jankowska

    Journalist, reporter, author of books, speaker, panelist

    Agata Jankowska is a prominent journalist and author with a prolific career publishing in renowned magazines such as Przekrój, Newsweek, and Wprost, and currently contributing to Elle Polska and Forbes Woman. She is the author of insightful books like “Men’s Issues. Life, Sex, and Everything Else” and “Hajland. How Our Children Get High.” Agata addresses societal issues, delving into human stories and civic problems at the intersection of psychology, business, and politics. She has conducted notable interviews with influential figures including Agnieszka Holland and Adam Bodnar. As a speaker, Agata shares her extensive experience, focusing on significant and often challenging social topics.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Inclusive Language – How to Speak Without Excluding: Discussing the importance of empathetic and inclusive communication.
    • Generation Z as Change: Analyzing the challenges and opportunities of working with the new generation in the workforce.
    • Digital Nomads: Who They Are and What They Need: Discussing the growing trend of digital nomadism and its impact on the work environment.


    Agata Jankowska is a speaker who transforms complex societal and psychological issues into understandable insights for all audiences. Her presentations are not only rich in content but are also inspiring and motivating, making her an excellent choice for any conference or discussion panel.