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    Magdalena Olborska

    An expert in creating presentations, marketing and storytelling

    Magdalena Olborska has been associated with the marketing industry and B2B client acquisition for thirteen years, combining marketing and sales competencies. She is an experienced New Business Manager with a strong background in e-commerce and integrated marketing.

    Experience and specializations

    • Presentations are her work tool and passion, which she continually explores. She draws inspiration from new media and their impact on content consumption to ensure her presentations keep up with the latest trends.
    • She shares her knowledge through group training, workshops, and individual consultations.
    • Magdalena teaches that presentations are not just about knowing the tool. She emphasizes that a dance master will dance just as well barefoot, meaning skills are key, not just tools.
    • Her presentations and training take a comprehensive approach to creating presentations: from visual thinking, copywriting, storytelling to mastering tools such as PowerPoint, Canva, Keynote.
    • She helps prepare speeches and public appearances, collaboratively developing the idea for the speech and helping to create engaging storytelling.
    • Magdalena has mentored speakers at events such as TEDxWarsawWomen 2019 and the “Chorowanie po ludzku” Conference 2024.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Creating presentations – Basic Module- Basic techniques for creating effective and engaging presentations.
    • Narration and storytelling – Techniques for building captivating stories and narratives.
    • Reports and numbers in presentations – How to effectively present data and numbers in presentations.
    • PowerPoint – Unknown Features of the Tool – Advanced PowerPoint functions that can streamline creating presentations.
    • Public Speaking Mentoring

    – Help in choosing an interesting and appropriate speech topic.
    – Support in defining the main message.
    – Creating an engaging story – storytelling.
    – Learning narrative structures and story-building.
    – Techniques for eliciting emotions and audience interest.
    – Creating a coherent and logical story that captures attention from beginning to end.
    – Structure and organization of the speech.
    – Techniques for maintaining speech fluency.

    Magdalena Olborska is a professional who perfectly combines her marketing experience with presentation creation skills. Her approach is holistic, and her training and workshops are tailored to the individual needs of clients, making her the ideal choice for companies seeking support in visual and presentation communication.