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    Łukasz Knopek Konopka

    Professional voiceover artist and voice coach

    Łukasz Knopek Konopka, a professional voiceover artist, found his calling through extensive workshops and courses in effective communication. His career began at Polska Live radio with a Hip-Hop culture program, further honed by experience at Polskie Radio and channels like Kanał Trzeci, Czwórka, and Radio Kolor. Since 2013, his distinctive voice has been associated with Eska Rock and Eurosport since 2017. You can also hear him across platforms such as Netflix, Discovery Channel, and more. In 2022, he became the voice for bus stop announcements in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Effective Communication and vocal presentation.
    • The art of voiceover and working on voice timbre.
    • Building personal brand through voice.

    Łukasz also offers training that provides tools to improve voice emission and phonation, emphasizing the importance of confident sound production for better communication.

    Collaborate with Łukasz Knopek Konopka to bring a unique blend of passion and professionalism to your voiceover projects, enhancing every endeavor with his expert touch.