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    Joanna Heidtman

    In her lectures, she uses both academic knowledge and many years of practice working with clients in various areas of business. She works individually as a coach. Her original workshops and lectures are also devoted to enhancing personal effectiveness and focus on psychological resilience, stress, managing own energy, and the energy of teams. Creator of many development programs for leaders and a series of “Motivational Fridays” conducted together with the traveler and polar explorer, Marek Kaminski.

    She gained knowledge and experience at the University of South Carolina and Cornell University in the USA. At the Group Processes Laboratory at the Jagiellonian University, she conducted research on conflicts and group dynamics. Currently co-managing in the consulting company Heidtman & Piasecki Businessdoctors, co-founder of the Foundation for Intellectual Capital. Lecturer at the University of SWPS, College of Europe, MBA studies at the University of Economics. Cooperates with the Marek Kaminski Foundation. Marek Kamiński and the Academy of Leadership Psychology of Jacek Santorski. Conducts individual counseling sessions in the field of psychology, lectures, workshops with leaders and senior management. She designs and implements leadership development programs in her own methodology ILead ™, conducts coaching sessions for people who want to pursue individual development goals.

    Her publications have appeared in the academic journals Sociological Focus, Advances in Group Processes, and popular: Harvard Business Review, Coaching, ThinkTank, Newsweek Psychologia, Sens, Uroda Życia, Zwierciadło. She cooperates as an expert with radio and television stations. She holds the “Art & Science of Coaching” certificate issued by Erickson College International, an Insights Discovery™ license, and an Action Learning Team Advisor certificate. Her books are devoted to individual effectiveness (“In Accordance with Myself, in Accordance with Others”, Emka Publishers), teamwork issues (“Group Processes – Sociological Perspective”, Scholar Publishers), and effective organizations (“SENSOTWÓRCZOŚĆ. 7 Ways of Creating Value in a Team and in an Organization” published by MTBiznes).

    Photo by Marek Szczepański