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    Joanna Dolińska

    Business trainer, speaker, communication expert

    Joanna Dolińska is an energetic trainer and speaker, who turns her passion for words into effective support in the development of communication and psycho-social competencies. With a rich background in media and linguistics, she stands out in the training and public speaking world. Her mission is to build authenticity, empathy, and effective dialogue in both professional and private life.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Building psychological resilience and managing stress
    • The importance of well-being at work and in everyday life
    • Empathic communication: Dialogue as a tool for development in the modern world
    • Empathy as the secret superpower of the future
    • Emo sapiens vs. homo criticus: Heart versus mind in professional life

    Joanna Dolińska, with her experience working for international brands such as The Walt Disney Company and TK Maxx, and her collaboration with humanitarian organizations, expertly bridges theory with practice. Her workshops and presentations are rich in practical tools that participants can immediately apply in their professional and personal lives.