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    Joanna Budzis

    Sports psychologist, Olympian, TEDx speaker

    Joanna Budzis is a renowned sports psychologist, Olympic swimmer, and Vice European Champion, with multiple Polish championship titles and records. She honed her skills as part of the University of Pittsburgh’s NCAA Division I team.

    A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and SWPS University in Warsaw, Joanna has a solid background in psychology. She serves as the psychologist for the Polish National Judo and Swimming Teams and is the author of “STREAMBOOK: Your Mental Training Guide.” Her expertise is also showcased through her TEDx talks and national training conferences.

    Joanna founded the STREAMLINE Leadership Academy, Poland’s first sports psychoeducation center, addressing the mental training needs of athletes at all levels. She conducts workshops and training for businesses, sports teams, coaches, athletes across various sports disciplines, Olympians, and Paralympians. By blending experiences from sports and business, she demonstrates practical analogies and tools from mental training for personal development regardless of the field.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Mental resilience, or how to increase mental resources, work under pressure and minimize burnout
    • Speeches and performances, or how to maintain concentration, self-confidence and manage stress
    • Psychology of change, or how to build openness, habits and achievement motivation
    • Failure, mistakes and difficulties, or how to maintain motivation and confidence when faced with failure
    • Athlete – champion, or how to build motivation and achieve goals
    • Stress and pressure, or how to act and achieve goals
    • Trainer, manager, leader, or how to build team motivation and strength?
    • Women in business

    Joanna Budzis uniquely bridges theory and practice, drawing from her extensive experience in sports and psychology, making her sessions not only inspiring but also practically informative. Her unique approach to mental training and its applications across various life aspects captivates and engages audiences, providing them with valuable tools for personal and professional development.