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    Dominika Bucholc

    Ekspertka w zakresie AI i strategii, marketerka, entuzjastka technologii.

    Dominika Bucholc is an experienced consultant, project manager, and digital marketing expert with a deep expertise in artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. A graduate of Collegium Da Vinci in Marketing and Kozminski University in Management, Dominika has extensive experience managing international strategic projects and implementing digital transformation initiatives across platforms like SAP, Salesforce, and AI.

    Throughout her career, Dominika has successfully managed communication and promotion for one of Poland’s largest NGOs and has advised a diverse range of sectors including SMEs, startups, public institutions, and universities on strategic and digital challenges. Currently, she leads a consultancy firm focusing on AI strategies and training, bridging the gap between business and technology.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • AI Strategies in Business
    • How Artificial is Artificial Intelligence?
    • AI Strategy and Mental Health
    • Generative AI: Opportunities and Risks for Society and Business

    Dominika Bucholc combines her robust background in strategic project management with her passion for AI and new technologies, providing insights that are both cutting-edge and deeply informed by her extensive practical experience. Her ability to translate complex technological concepts into strategic business solutions makes her an invaluable resource for any audience looking to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation and artificial intelligence.