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    Cezary Kuik

    Expert in GenAI and business process automation

    Cezary Kuik is a distinguished GenAI specialist currently serving as a Product Manager at Allegro Machine Learning Research Lab. He specializes in developing innovative products and services that utilize artificial intelligence to automate internal business processes and enhance user experiences on the platform. Co-creator of several startups developing advanced chatbots and voice assistants for global brands such as Orange, Samsung, and Huawei, Kuik’s projects, especially those conducted at Allegro, are considered groundbreaking in the AI industry.

    Suggested topics for presentations:

    • Prompt Engineering: The art of effectively communicating with AI to achieve desired outcomes.
    • Business Process Automation: How to effectively design and implement automation within a company, identify opportunities, and avoid pitfalls.
    • Machine Learning for Business: An accessible introduction to machine learning for non-technical individuals, understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI in business.

    Choosing Cezary Kuik as an expert and speaker for your event guarantees access to the latest knowledge and trends in the field of AI and automation. His unique combination of theoretical background and practical experience in executing projects for leading global brands makes him an ideal source of inspiration and practical advice for anyone looking to understand and leverage the potential of new technologies in their business. Cezary Kuik not only shares knowledge but also inspires innovation, demonstrating how GenAI can revolutionize the business world.