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    Angelika Chimkowska

    Chief strategist of strong personal and corporate brands

    Angelika Chimkowska is a forefront strategist in personal and corporate branding, recognized by Forbes as one of the top 25 masters of Polish LinkedIn. With her extensive experience in supporting leaders and global brands such as Brother, Ericsson, Nokia, and Microsoft, Angelika specializes in transforming communication strategies on digital platforms. She is the author of significant publications including “LinkedIn in Practice” and “Psychology of Change in Life and Business,” sharing her expertise at numerous prestigious conferences. A graduate of an Executive MBA from Coventry University UK, SGH, and the University of Warsaw, she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in CEO branding.

    Suggested topics for presentations:

    • Authentic personal branding: Learn how to build and manage your personal brand to achieve success in the digital world.
    • Strong brand on LinkedIn: Discover the secrets to effectively using LinkedIn for brand building and social selling.
    • Psychology of change in business: Understand how to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.
    • Networking for the future: Master techniques for building and maintaining business relationships that yield tangible benefits.
    • Brand evolution in the digital age: Strategies for brands to not just survive but dominate in the digital landscape.

    Choosing Angelika Chimkowska as a speaker guarantees access to proven strategies for strengthening your personal or corporate brand. She provides practical solutions that translate into success in the modern business world, making each presentation a unique blend of expert knowledge, personal anecdotes, and practical tips.