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    Andrzej Jankowski

    captain, sailor, motivational speaker

    Andrzej Jankowski, also known as Captain Andy, is a distinguished sailor and inspirational motivational speaker. He is a captain with the prestigious Royal Yachting Association in the UK, a graduate of Oxford University, and is currently sailing around the world on the legendary Malena yacht from the Hallberg Rassy 352 shipyard.

    Captain Andy is, above all, a passionate dreamer who, through great effort and sacrifice, achieves the boldest human dreams of happiness. His speeches are filled with authentic and enlightening stories, told in a light-hearted and often humorous manner. He touches on various aspects of sailing life that can be perfectly translated into the business environment:

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Leadership: effective leadership
    • Team building: teamwork
    • Crisis management: managing crises
    • Well-being: How to enjoy and benefit from life, including professional life

    Why this expert?

    Captain Andy, through his sailing and life experiences, can inspire and motivate action. His colorful stories and anecdotes, illustrated with photos and videos from his voyages, captivate and teach effective strategies for leadership, team building, and crisis management. He promotes a balance between professional and personal life, which is crucial for complete happiness and satisfaction.