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    Aleksandra Woźniak

    Konsultantka biznesowa, strateżka, edukatorka w obszarze genZ oraz podcasterka

    Ola Woźniak is a business manager, strategist, educator, and consultant specializing in diversity and building multigenerational teams. She holds multiple degrees—an engineering degree from Warsaw University of Technology, an economics degree from Friedrich Alexander Universitat Erlangen – Nuremberg, and she is currently pursuing postgraduate studies in positive psychology at the University of Warsaw.

    She has over 12 years of experience ranging from international corporations to startups, and she has taught at the University of Warsaw. Currently, she develops the “Falling Training” podcast, which familiarizes listeners with failures and builds a new culture of error in Poland.

    Woźniak has been recognized for bridging the gap between generations. She understands the nuances of business and combines these worlds effectively. Her expertise is especially relevant in today’s fast-paced environment where new technologies, particularly AI, demand a different pace of change in organizations.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Understanding Gen Z:
      Addressing the integration of Generation Z into the workforce and adjusting organizational culture to accommodate their unique needs while maintaining profitability.
    • Employee engagement renewal:
      Conducting sessions with various employee groups who feel disengaged or demotivated, using a mastermind format to foster community and mindfulness towards one another.
    • Error culture in organizations:
      Developing a culture that sees errors as an essential part of learning and innovation.

    Ola Woźniak is also dedicated to personal development and continuous learning, as evidenced by her pursuits in various fields outside of her professional career, such as learning Spanish, reading extensively, and cycling.

    Whether leading a debate, giving a lecture, or interviewing notable personalities live, Ola Woźniak brings a wealth of knowledge, a deep understanding of human psychology, and a passion for genuinely impactful communication.