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    Actress and trainer of acting techniques in business, speech therapist

    Katarzyna Joda-Wójcik, a graduate of the State Higher School of Theatre in Wrocław, is an actress with rich experience in theater and television, collaborating with theaters such as Kamienica and Ochota in Warsaw and appearing in popular TV series like “First Love“, “On Duty“, and “Love in the City“. She has also been involved in numerous commercial projects. As a trainer, she conducts acting workshops aimed at applying theatrical techniques in everyday professional life, including casting workshops and Meisner technique workshops. Katarzyna focuses on delivering practical tips that enhance diction, presentation, and self-confidence of the participants.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Improvisation in business – how to use improvisational techniques to better handle unpredictable business situations.
    • Preparation for media/public appearances – acting techniques that aid effective communication with the media and the public.
    • Building credibility – using theatrical techniques to create an authentic and convincing professional image.
    • Happiness in the organization – workshops that help increase employee satisfaction and engagement through theatrical methods of working with emotions and expression.

    Her workshops and trainings offer a unique combination of theory and practice that help participants achieve better results in their work and build a strong personal image based on acting techniques.