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    Tina Sobocińska

    Educator, Mentor, HR and Business Networking Lead

    HR Director with over 20 years of experience working in global corporations such as PwC, DHL, Schneider Electric, and Sanofi Aventis, Tina brings a unique perspective to human resources management in the modern business world. As the leader of the Digital HR Champions network, Tina is at the forefront of the digital revolution in HR, introducing innovations and new technologies for talent management and organizational culture.

    Her passion and expertise as an HR consultant in projects like “Workplace of the Future,” “Culture Book,” and “From Great Rotation to Great Attraction” establish her as a visionary in transforming workplaces and organizational cultures to meet future challenges.

    As the co-author of the podcast series “Case Study: Hybrid Work,” recorded with Jarosław Kuźniar, Tina shares practical tips and case studies, showing how to effectively implement and manage hybrid work.

    Her academic experience as a lecturer at SWPS University and SGH, as well as the author of the first postgraduate program in Poland on hybrid work and modern offices at SWPS, strengthens her position as an expert in new work models.

    Sample Speech Topics:

    • Mega Trends and Future Competencies: An overview of key trends shaping the future of work and necessary competencies.
    • Hybrid Work and What’s Next?: Analysis of the hybrid work model and its impact on the future of organizations.
    • Women’s Leadership: How Women Are Changing the World: Discussion on the role and impact of women in leadership and business innovation.
    • 4-Day Work Week – Utopia or Business Model of the Future?: Considerations on the effectiveness and possibilities of implementing a shortened workweek.
    • Culture Book – Culture Still Eats Strategy for Breakfast: The importance of organizational culture and its impact on business strategy execution.
    • Neurodiverse Workplaces: Introduction to neurodiversity and its significance for creating inclusive and innovative workplaces.

    Tina Sobocińska is an inspiring speaker whose experience and knowledge open new perspectives on personal and professional development, talent management, and building the future of work.