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    Paweł Tkaczyk

    mentor, speaker, storyteller

    Paweł Tkaczyk – as he claims – earns his living by telling stories. He builds strong brands – he works with Agora, Allegro Group and many smaller companies. As a mentor, he advises startups and other companies, e.g. during Startup Weekend or Startup Fest. He shares his knowledge – he writes a blog about building a brand and he is the author of three books: “Zakamarki marki”, “Grywalizacja” (both of them were ranked first in the bestseller list OnePress, “Zakamarki marki” won the title of Marketing Book of the Year 2011) and “Narratologia”. He conducts trainings in marketing, branding or social media. He is an inspiring speaker. He talks about building a strong brand, modern marketing, consumer psychology, social media, or gamification. Events where he could be seen, include: Infoshare in Gdańsk, Babel Camp in Prague, or I Love Marketing in Warsaw.