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    Marcin Kochanowski

    Expert in sports psychology and motivation, TEDx speaker

    Marcin Kochanowski, PhD in psychology and an experienced practitioner in sports psychology, extends his knowledge and passion beyond academia, bringing it to the business world and a wider audience. As a motivational speaker and academic teacher, Kochanowski has been supporting national teams, Olympians, and international competition medalists, including the bronze medal-winning beach volleyball team at the European Championships in 2021.

    His approach, rooted in sports psychology, offers a unique perspective on team building, stress management, and consistent success pursuit. Kochanowski demonstrates that barriers can be transformed into steps leading to personal development and the fulfillment of dreams.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Team Building: Utilizing the experiences of championship teams to create winning teams in any environment.
    • Concentration: How to apply concentration tools to overcome stress and consistently achieve success.
    • Motivation: Transforming barriers into steps of development, identifying and leveraging motivation to achieve goals.

    Choosing Marcin Kochanowski as a speaker for your event means investing in an unforgettable experience that will inspire attendees to transcend their limits and strive for excellence. His unique combination of scientific knowledge with practical application in sports and business is the key to understanding how sports psychology can help everyone overcome daily challenges.