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    Kamil Kozieł

    specialist in the field of storytelling and presentation

    An inventor of „4 layers of presentation” method that enables to measure value and emotions in presentation. An entrepreneur. He has started his first company – IT School – at age 20. He was a co-owner of Stand-up Poland and ORA-600 and now he is a CEO of PrezART. He was twice a speaker at TEDx event and now he helps people to boost their talks during TEDx Koszalin. He’s received positive feedback multiple times at conferences, including the prestigious I LOVE MARKETING which he won. In his speeches, he uses comedy, storytelling and cognitive structures. He is a lecturer at Bialystok University of Technology and Leon Kozminski Academy. He’s worked with top management from dozens of companies – Onet, Tauron, ABC Data. He’s fond of marketing, cognitive psychology and during parties, he likes to chat about narrative structures.