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    Damian Michałowski

    Od radia do telewizji - mistrz wystąpień publicznych

    Damian Michałowski, known for his dynamic hosting of the breakfast show “Dzień Dobry TVN” and thrilling coverage from the Ski Jumping Studio on TVN, has been active in the media for over 12 years. His multifaceted career spans from sports journalism and being a DJ at Radio Zet, to co-hosting prestigious galas and events such as the Fryderyki and Sopot Top of The Top, to winning the Grand Press 2023, the most prestigious journalism award in Poland.

    Suggested topics for presentations:

    • Achieving your dream goal: Damian shares his inspiring journey from working in academic radio to playing a significant role on national television, emphasizing that realizing dreams is possible with the right attitude and persistence.
    • Handling stress during public speaking: Practical tips for overcoming stress and stage fright, which are inherent parts of live performances.
    • Punctuality, Humility, Precision = Professionalism: The importance of these three key values in shaping a professional image in one’s career.
    • Finding balance between work and private life: Tips on maintaining balance between demanding work and time for oneself and loved ones, essential for mental health and well-being.

    Choosing Damian Michałowski as a speaker for your event guarantees not only access to invaluable knowledge and experience gained over the years in the dynamic world of media but also an inspiring and motivating message that encourages personal success. His communication skills, combined with a genuine passion for sharing knowledge, make each presentation an unforgettable experience.