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    Alicja Trojanowska-Laskowska

    Business trainer, speaker, marketer, sales expert

    Alicja Trojanowska-Laskowska, a graduate of chemistry from the University of Opole, has been successfully implementing the concept of “chemistry connects us” for years, building strong relationships in the business sphere and promoting chemical products, including polymers. She is responsible for implementing projects related to synthetic materials in both Polish companies and international conglomerates. As a business trainer, she focuses on building a positive vision of chemistry and polymers, raising awareness among her professional and private circles. She conducts internal training in chemistry, product training, and workshops in public speaking and storytelling.

    Alicja is a member of the Association of Professional Speakers and Mentors and mentors teams organizing TEDx, where she also performs as a TEDxWarsawWomen speaker.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Chemistry connects us:
      Interpersonal relations from a biochemical perspective (neurotransmitters, natural and synthetic compounds).
      The impact of chemical bonds on the human sphere from a metaphysical standpoint.
      The impact of chemical bonds on the human sphere from a satirical standpoint – mending what’s torn.
    • Chemistry Lessons in Life and Business:
      Combustion – in chemistry and life, in business.
      Buffers as counterbalances – catalysts, indispensable for progress.
      Boiling stones, or when not to explode.
    • Brain on a high:
      Toxins – yes or no?
      When are we poisoning ourselves?
      A room with a view of war.

    Alicja Trojanowska-Laskowska is an excellent speaker who passionately and engagingly shares her knowledge, inspiring participants to a deeper understanding of chemistry in everyday life and business.