Piotr Bucki

Strategist, researcher and trend explorer. He creates marketing and communications strategies for Polish and foreign clients. He cooperates with the Chancellery of the President.


  • Strategy and Management
  • Digital and Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Motivation
  • Human and public relations

Language:Polish & english

He gained experience and knowledge realizing projects for Grupa Nokaut, Gdańsk Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne, Wydawnictwo Pedagogiczne Operon, Travel World Passport, Next Data, This is Paper and many others.

Certified coach in the area of Business and Executive Coaching and social competencies trainer. Creator of his original training programs in integrated marketing communications, public speaking, interpersonal communication and motivation. He runs workshops and coaching sessions for leaders and managers in the areas of strengthening key messages and persuasion in public speaking. He specializes in creating effective business presentations with the use of innovative visual communications tools based on behavioral psychology.

Supporter of workshops based on in-depth and honest analysis of assets and competencies. The promoter of training programs that result in real habit changes. He believes in development based on learning from one’s own mistakes while achieving measurable successes.

Author and editor of Startup Manual, he is also an author and a curator of BuckiAcademy series of publications.


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