Łukasz Grass

Editor in chief of Business Insider Polska which is a part of the international Business Insider with its HQ in New York. Present in the media for the last 15 years, he worked at TVN24, TVP1 and TOK FM, to name but a few.


  • Strategy and Management
  • Motivation
  • Media
  • Change management
  • Human and public relations

Language:Polish & english

He hosts his original program at Onet.pl – Łukasz Grass – “Na Czasie” and is the founder and editor in chief of a website for triathlonists: Akademia Triathlonu (www.akademiatriathlonu.pl).

For six years he worked for TVN24 where he hosted news services, “24 hours” magazine and, together with Anna Kalaczyńska, original news show “Poland and the World”. We was the deputy editor in chief at TOK FM and a director of the newsroom, as well as the host of “TOK FM Morning”. He co-hosted “Coffee or Tea” in TVP1.

He conducts motivational trainings in setting and achieving goals, reconciling career with private and family life, as well as media trainings in public speaking and speaking in front of the camera.

He cooperates with Discovery Channel where he hosts a series of documentaries under the title “How the world has changed” and “Poland – mission ‘Change’”.

An amateur triathlonist who competes over the Ironman distance (4 km running, 180 km cycling and 42 km running – he managed to finish the Ironman distance five times, with his best time in Copenhagen – 10 hours). He participated in the World Championship in Las Vegas, competing over ½ of the distance in 35+ YO category. He is the author of the book “Three wise monkeys”.

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