Katarzyna Kolasa

Driven by a passion for health economics, Katarzyna Kolasa has over 20 years of academic and industry experience in the healthcare sector. Her strengths include creating value for advanced medical technologies and preparing data acquisition strategies to differentiate innovations from competitors in support of commercial objectives, particularly in the area of medical devices and digital solutions.

She specializes in the following areas: health economics, creating value for innovation, technologies and digital solutions based on data, change management, health care organization.

As she says about herself – the digital revolution in healthcare will change our lives forever and for the better. How to use and learn from the changes taking place is her great passion, which she wants to share with others.

Unique know-how

  1. Digitization
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Health economics
  4. Post-COVID reality
  5. Health care organization


  • Economy
  • IT
  • Innovation
  • Change management

Language:Polish & english

Katarzyna also gives speeches in Swedish.

Leader of the Health Economics and Big Data Analytics (HEBDA) faculty. Head of the Department of Health Economics and Health Care Management at Kozminski University in Warsaw. She holds a Ph.D. and habilitation degree. Author of over 40 scientific publications in health technology assessment, pharmacoeconomics, and digitization in health care. Speaker at international conferences organized by DIA, ISPOR, and the Medtech Leaders Forum.

In addition to her over 15-year academic career, Katarzyna has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector. She worked in Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland, where she led Market Access teams. She also worked for six years for the local government assembly of the Kalmar region in Sweden. Currently, she leads projects related to the optimal allocation of medical equipment for the Ministry of Health. She gained knowledge in health economics at York University, Lund University, and Bergen University during international doctoral courses in health economics and policy organized by the Swiss School of Public Health. Since January 2019, co-chair of the Global Special Interest Group on Digital Health at ISPOR (International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research). She conducts annual training on innovative pricing solutions. This year she was nominated for a global role of a member of the Health Science Policy Council at ISPOR.

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