Joanna Janowicz

Inspirer. Advisor. She promotes resilience in Poland – the ability to cope with difficulties and be open to new opportunities. Executive MBA lecturer and creator of postgraduate studies at Collegium Da Vinci. Author of the book "ByćSobą. Live so as not to regret anything" and the first European workshop on speaking and effective communication on the roof of a stadium.

Unique know-how

  1. Resilience and well-being
  2. Natural motivation and engagement
  3. Public speaking


  • Consulting
  • Motivation
  • Change management
  • Human and public relations

Language:Polish & english

Joanna also gives speeches in Italian.

She supports boards and executives in individual and corporate development. She conducts mentoring, inspiration, and self-presentation programs. Helps people discover the meaning of existence to broaden their image of who they are and what they can become.

Leads regular live streams “Resilient Tuesdays” on Facebook. Nominated for the BRIEF Man of the Year Award. Performs and introduces effective long-term programs for such companies as Santander, Solid Security, Arvato, Volkswagen Poznan,, Concordia Poland TUW, Regional Market Development Agencies, Marshal Offices. Member of the Stakeholder Council of the University of A. Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

She co-created two main sports and cultural projects: EURO 2012 in Poznań and the development of the National Stadium. As an expert, spokesperson, and head of communication for the official UEFA Fan Zone, she has appeared more than 500 times for the media in Poland and abroad, including documentaries for Discovery International and Al Jazeera.

In her life, she follows and lives by 3 values that lead to inner peace and fulfillment: Fullness, Joy of Life, and Value to the World.
Pursues a mission: To inspire people to have the courage to be themselves, to live their talents, and to act inflow.

Implements her own original programs working in the stream, among others: Resilience, Positive Intelligence, Mindfulness, Meditation, Possibility Management, Internal Family Systems, Vedic Art.

Joanna finds flow and inner peace in intuitive painting. Writing. Meditation. Yoga. Speaking. Snowboarding. Wakeboarding. Diving. And in living an ordinary, quiet daily life in which she has the great privilege of meeting fascinating people.

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