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    Tatiana Mindewicz-Puacz

    Personal development coach, business consultant

    An expert in interpersonal and mass communication, an advisor in the field of personal and professional development, an experienced specialist in the field of creating and implementing communication strategies. A psychotherapist (member of the Polish Association of Integrative Psychotherapy), a certified ICC coach.

    A manager with 20 years of experience, for 18 years effectively managing the consulting company Task Force Consulting, specializing in marketing communication, public relations, social campaigns for business, state institutions and non-governmental organizations.

    She is still connected with the media market, but in a different role – an expert speaking on topics that she deals with professionally, or as a co-runner of television programs. She frequently appears in popular news and information programs (TVN24, TVN24 BIS, TVP1, TVP Info, radio), commenting on the most important current events. Interviews with her participation appear in the opinion-forming press (“Wprost”, “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Świat Problemów”).

    A mentor in the TVN program “Projekt Lady”, an author of books “Ease. I won’t be perfect anyway”, “Love. And what next?” and audiobook “Build relationships, you won’t have to sell – 5 steps to create a valuable business relationship”.