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    Piotr Kruk

    Poliglota, praktyk międzynarodowego biznesu, mówca i podcaster

    Piotr Kruk is a celebrated polyglot and a director of sales for Central and Eastern Europe, where he successfully built sales structures for several manufacturers across over 20 countries in Europe and Asia, all by the age of 27. An expert in practical foreign language learning and productivity, Piotr is also a two-time TEDx speaker. He has swiftly taught foreign languages not only to celebrities like Ania and Robert Lewandowski but also to top managers, athletes, and CEOs of well-known companies.

    Piotr is the author of two books and the popular podcast “Monday Morning,” which focuses on the practical aspects of education, productivity, and the use of modern technology. He is fluent in 7 languages. Recently, he has been developing a global company and the AI-based language learning app LingoDay.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • The role of foreign languages in career development and business building
    • Effective methods for learning foreign languages
    • Personal productivity: how to get things done
    • Energy and passion for creating a better version of yourself
    • Balancing roles: how to manage duties and find time for everything

    Piotr Kruk brings a wealth of experience and a practical approach to education. His engagements as a TEDx speaker, his authorship, and his influential podcast “Monday Morning” showcase how modern technologies can support everyday learning and personal development. His linguistic skills and international experience provide unique insights into effective learning methods and self-management. Moreover, his AI-powered app, LingoDay, exemplifies how technology can revolutionize educational processes, making learning accessible and engaging for everyone.