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    Paweł Kuwik

    Journalist, presenter, inspirational speaker.

    Paweł Kuwik is an experienced sports producer and journalist who has been hosting television studios during major sports events for many years. His career began at TVP and later continued at Eurosport, TVN, and TVN24.
    He has over a decade of experience in public speaking, live program hosting, reporting, and presenting both on camera and live. His skills also encompass emceeing and conducting public speaking training for top management in the business environment.

    He is fluent in five languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Public speaking and presentation techniques
    • Hosting live programs and the art of reporting events
    • Professional emceeing
    • Public speaking training for top management
    • Managing stress during live presentations
    • The role of media in covering major sports events

    Paweł Kuwik is a seasoned expert in sports journalism and public speaking, with rich experience gained from working at the world’s most significant sports events. His ability to speak five languages and his expertise in hosting live programs make him an exceptional speaker who can inspire and impart knowledge at the highest level.