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    Miłka Raulin

    The youngest winner of the Crown of the Earth with the Greenland Traverse, motivational and inspirational speaker

    Miłka Raulin is an engineer, traveler, mountaineer, and the youngest Polish woman to complete the Seven Summits. She is the organizer of the “Power of Dreams” travel festival, a laureate of numerous awards and distinctions, and the founder of the Wykrzyknik Foundation, which fights against mobbing and discrimination. She was also featured in the “Leaders of the Future” ranking by Forbes.

    She is the tenth Polish woman to complete the Seven Summits, the third and youngest Polish woman to traverse Greenland, and the first Polish woman to achieve the Winter Crown of Polish Mountains in 6.75 days (along with Anna Wilczek). She is a motivational speaker, TEDx speaker, and commentator on many high-profile mountain events.

    Miłka Raulin is the author of books “The Power of Dreams: How I Conquered the Seven Summits” and “The Power of Dreams: How I Conquered Everest,” which have sold 12,000 copies. She organized the South-North Bicycle Rally, was the originator and organizer of the “Power of Dreams” festival, and has hosted and produced numerous radio and TV programs. Additionally, Miłka is a glider pilot (Class III) and serves as the founder and president of the Wykrzyknik Foundation.

    With a degree and career in electrical traction engineering, Miłka is also an enthusiast of modern technologies. She is passionate about traveling, high-altitude climbing, gliding, and motocross. As a mother of a 16-year-old son, Jeremi, she proves that being a mom does not mean giving up on one’s passions.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Travel and High-Altitude Climbing: Inspirations and Challenges
    • How to Pursue Dreams and Overcome Obstacles
    • The Importance of Passion in Personal and Professional Life
    • The Role of Women in Exploration and Mountaineering
    • Combating Mobbing and Discrimination: Experiences from the Wykrzyknik Foundation
    • Motivational Techniques and Building Mental Resilience

    Miłka Raulin is an inspiring speaker whose stories about great passions, taking on challenges, and achieving dreams motivate action. Her experiences as a mountaineer and traveler, along with her commitment to fighting mobbing and discrimination, make her an excellent choice as a speaker who can inspire and motivate. Miłka demonstrates that nothing is impossible, and her life is proof that passions can be pursued at any stage of life.

    Awards and honors

    • Laureate of awards: Red Bull, Forbes, Herbapol, Magellan Award, Cosmopolitan, Adrenalinium
    • Nominee: Telekamery 2022 (Production of the Year)
    • 9th place on RedBull’s list of Polish Heroes 2018
    • Herbapol S.A. Nature and Sport Award 2018
    • Finalist in the Strong Women Competition 2018
    • Best Travel Publication of 2019
    • Laureate of Leaders of the Future, Forbes 2021